Friday, March 20, 2009

Wrestling Matches

Lately Cooper has been wanting to climb into Nash's crib with him.  So after bath time tonight I let them go at it so I could get their rooms ready for bed without them at my feet.  

This is how it started...Cooper running around in his new 'big boy' underwear.  We have a small obsession with the movie Cars in our house, Cooper loves everything and anything with Mater or McQueen on it.  We probably own every little matchbox car from the movie, I'm not kidding. So, I went and bought him Cars pull-ups to try and make potty training more exciting. Well, bribery has never really worked with Cooper and today I ended up having to clean up little turd nuggets off the tile.  gross. 
Here is Nash before all the excitement, gnawing on biter biscuit. 
...and it starts! They were climbing all over eachother, laughing hysterically.  Nobody canmake Nash laugh like Cooper.  Its the only time we hear that real belly laugh from Nash.  Its awesome, they are hilarious together. Cooper tried so hard to be careful with Nash and not jump on his head.

Nash thinks its a blast!  
Coop giving Nash a kiss after almost trampling him.
back at it! 
-mini pause for the paparazzi lady standing over head-
and Nash, worn out.  haha...I love how he has his leg propped up against the railing.  

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Tay & Ty Kerby said...

Okay I seriously laughed out loud when I saw these pictures and your commentary!!! I love these boys!