Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

We had a great Halloween!  Clint got home around 4:00pm and we got ready and headed over to my parents.  Lacey, Charlotte, Jess (Lacey's friend) came over dressed as Peter Pan, Tinkerbell, a Lost Boy, and their dog as Nana.   Lissy, Jacob, and Haley came over as well and we took the kids trick or treating.  Cooper and Jacob had a blast and even said 'trick or treat' at all the doors.  It's like being a kid again, being able to enjoy it through your kids.  I loved seeing Coop's face light up at each door.  Oh to be a parent :).

Nash w/ the other pumpkins. :)

This was last year.  Oh what a difference a year makes!

Trying to get a picture in.

Clint even dressed up!  He was a farmer/hillbilly.  Coop's and his costume went well together!

HAHA..this is Haley (Lissy's ADORABLE little girl).  She was a lion and soooo cute.  She would start crying and it would sound like she was growling.  Poor thing is cutting teeth so thats why she is crying in this picture.  She is so cute!

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Jenn said...

sounds like fun! what a cute bunch of kiddos! thanks for your name input, i agree i have totally thought about what sounds good with lily's name although we are bound to have more kids and i am sure that all of them won't go perfectly together, it still matters to me :) anyway, glad that you guys had a good halloween!