Monday, October 27, 2008

Cooper's 2 year check up.

We had Coop's check up today. He weighs 29lbs (50%) and is 36.5in (97%). She showed us the adult growth chart he is on now since he is 2 and if he keeps up in the 97% for height he will be 6'3" when he is 18! Its not impossible considering his Papa and Grandpa are both 6'2" (give or take an inch). He had his flu shot booster and his Prevnar. He was NOT happy, but calmed down after a few minutes. We're still delaying some vaccines so he has more to go. Dr. Jacobs said that his vocabulary is more than a typical 3 year olds! He talked her ear off and told her all about his airplanes. He is so sweet spirited and loves people.

Some things about our little 2 year old...

-loves, loves, loves airplanes and helicopters. It is a serious addiction in this house.
-he loved his brother. Nash is the first thing he asks for in the morning and after naps.
-can sing all of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star word for word.
-would eat fruit for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
-is hands down the most polite little man. always says his please and thank you's.
-loves his daddy and often calls him 'my daddy!'
-his favorite time of the day is bath time.
-loves to feed Prince his leftovers.
-his favorite show is Calliou. other than that, he doesn't give the TV much attention.
-loves to read, well, let us read to him. Mr.B is one of his favorites.

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