Sunday, October 26, 2008

Battle Wounds and Monkey Bizness

So, I wrote an entire post and it deleted itself. I have no clue how. haha...lets see if I can remember.

Nash has had a rough week. First, Cooper dropped a matchbox car on his face while he was playing on his play mat. The scream that came from this small body was not what I expected. He was MAD! He even started holding his breath mid scream and I had to blow in his face to take another breath. Poor little guy. Second, we were on the highway driving to the Zoo in Colorado Springs and Nash started wailing. I couldn't pull over so I had to let him cry. Well, when I got him out of the car his face was bleeding. He managed to claw at his face while crying and give himself a few good scratches. I'm sure there are more of these episodes to come.

Being a cheese.

On Friday we went to Little Monkey Bizness with Charlotte and Lacey. This a new one for just little kids (0-6) and they had so much fun. They even have a coffee bar surrounding the play area so the parents can load up on even more caffine to get them through the day. Yes, I'm guilty of that. :)

I love doing these comparison pictures cause they are so different looking from eachother. But here they are in the same outfit. You can see that Nash is growing a lot faster than Cooper. I'm sure he is going to be a rolly polie here in a few months.

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mumof2boys said...

How much do the boys look alike in the same clothes there?? How adorable. I didn't think they were that similar, but they are. You have two gorgeous boys there.