Monday, July 14, 2008

Summer BBQ

My family didn't do anything big on the 4th but instead this Sunday.  We spent most the day sitting on the deck, eating, and hanging out.  It was a good day!  I had my Dad's camera so I took 100000 are some for you :)

Cooper and Ben on the plane...Cooper love love loves his Uncle Ben. 
His favorite toy EVER...these small water guns.  He points them at us and pretends to shoot and we pretend back that we've been hit and we get the biggest belly laugh from him.   Its VERY entertaining :) 
My sweet Dad with my niece Haley.  

Cooper laughing with Nana, I don't know what was so funny. haha. but apparently is was funny enough for the hands to go on the hips! 
Cooper and I.  Please ignore the fat, swollen face.  I am not enjoying the end of this pregnancy like I did with Coopers. 
My Mom and I :) Again, please ignore the my face. 

:) I love this picture of Clint. 
Stealing some of Papa's popsicle. 

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Winters Family said...

You have a beautiful face... I totally chunk out the end of my pregnancies, and you, my dear, look great.