Thursday, July 10, 2008

Pregnancy Update

These last few days have been rough ones.  On Tuesday I started having contractions ever 5-7 minutes so I called my doctor and we headed into the office to be monitored.  They kept coming and started to get more painful so they sent me to Labor and Delivery to get a shot of Terbutaline.  After only one shot they seemed to have calmed down.  They checked me while I was there and I'm 1cm and biggie, I could be at that for WEEKS. Well, that night I started to get more but they stopped after a few hours.  Then later in the afternoon on Wed. they started up again.  I called my doctor and she had me come in to be checked and make sure they weren't making me progress more.   Thankfully I am still at 1cm and 20% so she gave me prescription for Procardia (which is supposed to stop them).  I've been taking that since Wed. evening and it seems to be working.  I'm hating these side effects though.  I've got a constant headache and feel dizzy most the time.  The baby is moving tons and keeps dropping.  I don't think I can drop anymore! haha!  So, I think this little guy may be a July baby but keep your fingers crossed that he decides to stay in for AT LEAST 2 more weeks.  :) Anyways, I thought I would update.  


Jill Rogers said...

Yeah- Grant is allergic to egg whites too. What a little WEENY! Michael and I are both anti-allergic, anti-sicky people. Just "hearty" kinda stock. But Grant's little food allergies are a PAIN in the BUTT! We have to go to a specialist (allergist) on the 5th, so we'll see what he says. But we're HOPING he grows out of it. But our pediatrician didn't sound super hopeful about it just because of the nature of his reaction. But who knows?! He might...We're crossing our fingers at least.

Winters Family said...

I had to take the Procardia too. Well I was supposed to but I didn't like the side effects either so I stopped taking it. I didn't realize that you were that close to being done with the pregnancy. I'm so happy for you! Oh, and I'm glad you like that book. The pictures with the words make me cry a lot more. If you get a chance, buy the book.