Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy 4th!

Our 4th started off really boring.  Clint had to work and when Cooper woke from his nap around 2pm I HAD to get out of the house.  So we drove down to the South Lands mall to walk around and check out the fountain.  When we got there they had a stage set up playing music specifically for kids and Cooper went straight for the water.  I didn't even think to bring him a swim suit so we went and found one on sale and let him at it.  He LOVED it.  He would periodically go up to the stage and start dancing, he had everyone laughing.  I'm so happy we decided to head over there, otherwise we would have been sitting inside watching TV all day.  That gets boring FAST! 

Dancing to the music.

He would stand just far enough away from the water so that it wouldn't hit him, but he would try and catch it every time it came up. He got it in the face once and then learned to stay far enough away. 

We then headed over to my parents for fireworks and to play in the kiddie pool.  
Here's Cooper waiting patiently to go outside.  I needed to get more sunscreen on him and he wasn't too happy. 
Cooper and Uncle Ben.  (He says 'Ben' PERFECTLY and knows exactly who he is...its cute).

Checking out the sparklers.

Not too sure about it.

Cooper and Aunt Anna.  He LOVES Anna.


Getting tired after a LONG day.


This is him dancing and running around the fountain area.

This cow kept coming up to him, and he'd wave and then run away.

This one is of Cooper throwing those pop rock thingys...he LOVED it. My brother and SIL come in half way through the video, but its still cute all the way through.