Thursday, July 3, 2008

Getting used to the word "baby"

We've been trying really hard to talk about the baby with Cooper.  He will point to my tummy (and his) and say "baby brother!" but thats about as far as we've gotten. So, when we got back from New Mexico Cooper somehow found a baby doll that Charlotte (my niece) left here.  The other day, he brought the baby in before bedtime and I gave him his sippy cup of milk.  He immediately laid the baby on the couch and tried feeding it the milk! I was cracking up.  So I pulled the camera out a few nights ago and caught Cooper letting the baby talk on the phone and even kissing it! I hope this helps a little with the transition of having a new baby around.

Here's the picture of Cooper feeding the baby his sippy cup.  How cute is that?!?! 

and here's the video....the whole thing is so cute!

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