Thursday, June 5, 2008

What an experience...

please excuse the typos and what not, its been a long few days.

I think we experienced the worst thing to date with Cooper.  On tuesday evening we were at my parents house and were just about to leave. Cooper was fussy and throwing himself around and tripped over my foot and went face first into this children’s table (think train set table). i grabbed him and when i pulled him off my shoulder to get a look at him there was blood everywhere, and i mean everywhere. I was covered, he was covered. i don’t think i have ever been so scared in my entire life. a good size chunk of his lip was hanging off and both his front teeth were pushed back into his mouth. i yelled for my dad to come help and he immediately said we needed to go to the ER.  thank god the childrens hospital is less than 2 miles away.

coop rode on my lap britney spears style and as soon as we got there the lady started handing my wet wash clothes. it took them twenty minutes to get us back there and then 2 hours to even be seen. the doc wanted to to stitches but they wanted to give him ketamine to do it. she gave us the option of stitches or seeing whether to skin would reattach itself. i didn’t want to put him under cause he had already been traumatized enough so we’re letting it heal on its own. so far 75% has reattached and is healing.

we went to the dentist yesterday and they said the teeth dont need to be pulled (thank god) but that they are going to be crooked but will hopefully descend back down and maybe even come forward and straighten out (he said its not common, but does happen). he is sooooo bruised and his top lip is 3 times its normal size. it seems to have gone down a little this morning but he is still pretty banged up.

besides a few things cooper has been really healthy and i know that this is the first of it to come, but i can’t even describe how scared i was. this by far has been when of the worst experiences to date, i feel soooo bad for him. there is nothing worse than seeing your children COVERED in blood. im so thankful that clint came right from work and that kim was there to keep me calm.  i must have looked crazy to everyone around but i was freaking out.  how can you not? we’ve kept him on a pretty strict schedule of rotating between between tylenol and motrin every 4 hours but after about 3 it wears off and he is miserable. i dont think i’ve slept more than 5 hours total since tuesday.

i really don’t want his teeth to turn brown. i can handle them being crooked, but i dont want him to get made fun of til they fall out. yes, i know its superficial, but i feel so bad and feel like its my fault.

his bruising is a little worse this morning, and alot darker. poor kid looks like he got kicked in the mouth. im too scared to wipe the boogs off his face, or even the chocolate, he’s sooo swollen. here are a few pictures.  

hes actually smiling in this picture, kim was feeding him pudding in the car and they were playing and got messy :) if you enlarge the picture you can see the swollen lips and the teeth. 

the bruises are a little worse today and alot darker.  i know, its going to get worse before it gets better. 


Jill Rogers said...

Man, that SUCKS! I cringe at the thought that I know it's gonna happen- it's just a matter of when. I guess it comes with the territories of little boys. You did the right thing- I would have been a mess too, I don't blame you!

How much longer do you have with your pregnancy? Any names yet?

Winters Family said...

Oh my goodness, I can't even imagine how that would feel for either of you... I would be so traumatized. And of course I would be taking my kid Brittney Spears style. give that little boy lots of love and hugs from me. Don't be too hard on yourself. It was an accident.