Friday, June 6, 2008

Feeling MUCH better.

We went to the Pediatrician today to make sure that everything was healing okay and to double check for infection.   The outside of his mouth looks great (besides the bruises) and the inside is still pretty banged up, but its MUCH better and MUCH less swollen.  

This was taken Thursday night after his bath.  The swelling went down tremendously later in the day. 

Saying "bye" to Aunt Kim (or K.K.) :)  We had so much fun with her here.  Sorry Coop looks silly in this picture, it was 7:30am and he wasn't quite awake. 

Then this is tonight in the bath.  The swelling is almost 100% gone. 

Dancing in his room.  
At the ER they gave Cooper a MagnaDoodle to play with and he loved it.  Kim, being the amazing Aunt she is, bought him one while she was here.  He LOVES this thing, its the first toy he goes for. 

Here are a few videos, sorry they are sideways, I can't figure out how to rotate it.

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