Sunday, May 25, 2008

We've had an interesting week.  We went and had Cooper tested for allergies on Tuesday and that was traumatizing. I won't go into details but I hope that this solves some problems for us.  Yesterday Cooper spent the day at Nana's and Papa's while I went to Labor and Delivery to have my contractions monitored.  I went in with some pretty painful aches on the left side of my stomach and they turned into contractions.  Three bags of fluid, two shots of Terbutaline, and 4 hours later I got to leave.  My contractions stopped completely and I haven't had any since, thankfully!  

Here are a few pictures of Cooper a week ago just hanging around the house. 

Getting brave and almost going straight off the couch before Clint got him. 


Tay & Ty Kerby said...

He is sooo precious Lora!!! Do you know what you're having yet? I hopefully get to find out in June! Hope all is well!!! bye!

Winters Family said...

I"m so glad that you got your contractions to stop. That's scary. Keep us posted!