Monday, May 19, 2008

First Haircut!

I think this was our final step into toddler hood.  We cut his baby hair off (well some of it)! He was growing a nice little mullet and it was just time to trim it.  We went into a salon specifically for kids (which is pointless by the way) and Cooper was not into it from the get go.  As soon as she started cutting his hair he freaked out, probably because the stylist sprayed him with the water bottle (bad idea).  It took about 5 minutes (and a sucker) and he had a new, little boy, hair cut.  It makes me sad!  When we were leaving they tried to give him a toy that came out of a machine that made noise and he didn't like that AT ALL (crying and everything), so we kindly paid and headed to the park to change things up.  It was NOT fun, and I think I'll just be cutting his hair from now on. 

You can see his tears here. :( 

No more mullet!!!

This evening after his bath he put on his cowboy hat and danced around his room screaming "dance! dance! dance!" for Clint and I.  He is such a happy little guy (except when getting his hair cut) and we love every minute we get with him. :) 


Jill Rogers said...

SO HANDSOME! Grant's been through so many haircuts that he just ignores the clippers now. We just call it a "tickler" and make the funny sounds we make when we're tickling him and he'll give us a goofy grin. Michael actually cut Grant's hair yesterday- I'll have to put pictures up on the blog.

Winters Family said...

Big kid Cooper! Lookin' good!