Monday, July 23, 2007

9 Months

He is turning into such a little boy! We had his appointment on the 20th and he hasnt gained quite as much weight as he has in the past. He is almost 21lbs and 29inches long. He didnt have to get any shots this time so we were all happy! :) He is crawling everywhere and his favorite thing to go after are the power cords. Needless to say we have hidden them all but if one does pop up, he is over there in two seconds! We are childproofing more and more everyday! :) He cut his 7th tooth today and has started waving to Clint and I more often, its so cute! I've been trying to get it on video but as soon as he sees the camera he tries to come and eat it. He is pulling up onto everything, he isnt standing, but does get up onto his knees. Its amazing how mobile he has become.

'Hi Mommy!" (although he refuses to say Mama, all he says is Dada and everytime I try to get him to say Mama, Dada come out of his mouth :) He is a daddy's boy!

He has tons of toys he plays with at Gracie's house (the little girl I babysit) and his favorite is this piano, we are going to get him one soon, but as soon as we get to their house it is the first toy he goes for. He can pull up on it and everything.

...and one, and two....
our little muscle man, he does this quite a bit and will sometimes shake his booty at the same time like he is dancing.

I've started waitressing again and it has been much harder than I thought to leave Cooper, I am so used to having him attached to me 24/7 that it is hard adjusting to not being around him. We are having so much fun watching him truly is amazing how fast the do it!

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