Monday, September 19, 2011


Finally feeling better, not great, but I HAD to get out of the house...a lens I rented came today so I took Coop out to experiment with it. :)
still sick, but Cooper came in to say hi :)
Then I got the flu...ugh! Pickles kept me company all day...
Nash...checking out the rain...  
We're all starting to feel better, Nash has his first soccer practice (we thought he'd be rained out, but nope...)
Cold weather coming in...
too sick this day to take a photo...Nash...2008, he looked like such an old man!  
Cooper feeling a little better... Next up was Nash...  
After a day of puking, I needed out of the house.  
ugh...and this is where the sickness begins. Little did we know we'd all be getting the flu :( Cooper was the first (and the worst) to get it.  

Cooper and Nash had their buddy Connor over to play :) They had way too much fun! Nash - 2010 Cooper - 2008  
Spent the evening out at Tunderbird Lake, it was beautiful out.  
Cooper annoyed with my photo taking, he just wanted to be left alone.  
Nash and Daddy wrestling...their favorite pastime!

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