Tuesday, August 16, 2011

196/365 - 228/365

WoW....playing catch up...sorry I haven't been posting...this move has sucked all the life out of me! :) Here are the photos from the last MONTH (I'm hanging my head in shame!LOL)
First day of school...TAKE 2!

Cooper was sick today and missed his first day of school :( Nash kept him company though!

More BDay presents for Nash!

Ice cream for dinner....we rock as parents! ;)

dinner FAIL...this was distgusting.

and the potty training begins!

Happy 3rd birthday little Nash!!!

Shark attack!!! Adventures in bathtime :)

Cooper 2010

Nash + Uncle Corey unpacking!

on the road to OK...

Goodbye CO! :(

spent today shooting my last CO wedding :(

Cooper + Daddy - 2007

Korean BBQ with photographer friends :)

can you say 'hoarder'?

took a much needed break from packing to play in the water!

packing = drinking.

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