Wednesday, March 16, 2011


We knew this would happen at some point and thankfully its not broken! Just bruised and swollen. Nash is ALWAYS and I mean always jumping off of something. Well this time both boys were sent to their rooms for punching each other and we heard a pretty loud bang (again, typical for Nash) but then heard a blood curling scream and Cooper running down the stairs. My first thought was Cooper pushed him off the bed (bad, I know, but its a daily fight here) but Nash said he'd jumped off the bed. He was able to put a little bit of weight and it and seemed okay. By the next morning though, he was only crawling around and saying that is hurt 'real bad.' So we took him in. Nash despises the doctor so that in and of itself was a fight. He did great with the x-rays and is in a soft cast type thing for as long as he'll keep it on :)

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