Wednesday, January 19, 2011


today was the perfect Colorado day. we're down to one car for a few days so we woke up bright and early (6:30am) to take the Clint to work. it was still dark out and by the time we made it back home the sun had just started to come up. the rest of the morning was somewhat sunny/warm and after taking Cooper to preschool, Nash and i headed to target (which nash lovingly calls 'daddys home'). we wasted as much time as we could before coming home. after getting bored enough to dirve home we crawled into my bed and watched cartoons. i love being able to spend time with just nash. cooper obviously had that time with us before nash was born. so its nice to have it with nash as well.

i snapped this one my way out of work today while i waited for the car to warm up. the snow had just started to fall a few hours before...thats colorado for you, sunny in the morning then cold/snowy in the evening.

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