Friday, October 16, 2009

Settling In.

We're finally all settled into the new house. It is nice to know we aren't going to have to move anytime soon--at least for the next 2 years! Hopefully we can just stay in this house longer than that. :) We were worried that Cooper was going to have a hard time adjusting but when we went to pick up a few remaining things are the house in The Springs he FREAKED and started screaming that he wanted to go back to his new home. It was a relief to know he was happier in the new house. He has been loving the deck and playing with all his cars. Thankfully the last few days have been beautiful and we've been able to play outside.

Here he is playing with his airplanes...
...and being CRAZY. Showing me his different faces (yes, he desperately needs a haircut!)
Are you scared yet!?!?!
and my little Nash. :) He is very attached to Clint and I...and we love it. Coop was always so independent and never really freaked out if we left. Nash can hardly handle it though. This is him at my feet holding onto my legs.
His long eyelashes...

and cheesy grin.
So, I've said this before, and I'll say it again. Nash is SOOOO different from Cooper. For example...tonight at bedtime Cooper comes out of the room (for the 4589054th time) with a bloody nose...Anna and I go in there and Nash has CLIMBED OUT of his crib, onto the top of the toy box, and across to Cooper's bed. He must have fallen off the toy box and landed on Cooper's face. So we stuck him back in there to see what he would do...well the little stinker wrapped his feet and toes AROUND the slats in the crib and inched his way out---like a little monkey! We will see how much longer the crib lasts....

Anyways, here are the boys. Can you believe Cooper is gonna be 3 on Sunday!?!!

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