Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Big News!

Cooper is potty trained!!!! We sat him on his frog potty for almost a full day until he peed and realized what he was doing. It has seriously been smooth sailing since then! (Knock on wood!) He has had a few accidents while trying to get to his potty, but other than that he has done great, even at night! He does fine in the store and trips out of the house. We're sooooo proud, lets face it, those toddler diapers are not so fun to clean.

He is also binkie FREE!!! I never, ever though this day would come and I am so thankful it has. We were so dependent on it for so long, its nice to have the stupid thing GONE!

Nash is getting HUGE! He is almost 14 months and INTO EVERYTHING. I'm not kidding. EVERYTHING. He climbs up the fireplace, onto the bookshelves, into the toy bin, on top of the train table, under the kitchen sink, onto the dining room table, up the stairs and into our bed. He likes everything he is not supposed to, including the toilet, the computer table, the cleaning products, all his brothers toys (but only when Coop's playing with it), our 12 year old dog, crayons and trash. He is a terror, but soooo stinking cute. He hardly cries, always has a smile on his face, and LOVE his big brother. He is becoming quite independent as well. He loves to try and feed himself and always makes a huge mess.

Sorry I've been terrible at updating. We're moving, staying busy with photography, and are so anxious to have a little peace instead of everything being in limbo right now. We can't wait to get to Parker so Clint doesnt have to drive 3 hours a day. It will be nice and I PROMISE I'll update more. PROMISE!

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Travis and Britni said...

How exciting. Once they're potty trained, life begins to naturally be funner. Good job Cooper. Your boys are so cute.