Monday, May 11, 2009

This little dude is 9 months! Holy moly, its going by toooooo fast.  
He is...
-crawling everywhere, and he is FAST
-bolts up the stairs every chance he gets
-follows Cooper everywhere
-pulls up onto everything and can even stand for a few seconds
-says 'dadadada' 'babababa' and 'mamamaam'
-can shake his head 'no' when we tell him 'no' (this happens quite frequently with the stairs).

Clint had to pull the car into the driveway and let Coop sit on his lap.  Needless to say he loved it and now thinks he gets to drive the car wherever we go.  
Mother's Day we went to Parker and spent time with my family.  Here is Cooper helping with the garden. 
Nash spent the day inside with everyone else and played the guitar with Daddy.
and our neighbors had their babies! :) 

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