Monday, April 6, 2009

8 Months Old

Please stop growing! 
Nash is 8 Months old today.  Where is this time going? I remember with Cooper the days just drug on.  Not this time.  He is so big! 
Here are some things that he is up to...
-Army crawling. Today he crawled the 'normal' way for the first time! I got it on video too (expect to see that pop up). 
-Says Dada, baba, and sometimes mama.
-Follows Cooper everywhere. 
-Only wakes once a night.
-Pulls up onto everything and is very slowly walking along furniture,.

Nash is such an easy, relaxed, and happy baby.  He is so much fun and I love watching him grow.  He has the bluest eyes and puts up with all of my picture taking.  He also puts up with bullying from his older brother.  

Our two little men. 
Nash was so interested in watching his Aunt Lacey play.  Maybe he will follow in her footsteps! 

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Derek said...

They are getting so big!! I can't believe it!

Also, I'll need your guy's address so I can send y'all an invite to my graduation! :D