Monday, March 2, 2009

Oklahoma Trip

We had such a great time in Oklahoma.  I anticipated the worst drive of my entire life but the boys actually did pretty well the entire way there.  Cooper watched movies and I think Nash did so we because I sat right next to him and he could see me the whole way.  

We saw a lot of this...

...and I saw a lot of this happy face :) 

Nasher snoozing.

This was about the most exciting thing we saw on the way up. 

Can't you tell he is ecstatic to be in the car?!?!

We finally got there around 8pm and headed to bed.  The next morning Nash made a new friend.

Cooper did too.  He loved the dogs.  Although they didn't really like him.  Magnum followed him around the backyard everytime we went out there. 

Lovin' GG's HUGE backyard. 

Nash and Grandpa watching.

I thought this was cute! 

Nash and Grandma

Uncle Roger!  He is the best and the kids love him. :)

Nash sitting in his table at dinner.  This thing was soooo cool!  I wish we could have brought it home with us.  Its a small table with a hole cut out of the middle.  The first time we out him in it the seat fell through and he was hanging onto the opening scared for his life.  lol.  It was hilarious.  Uncle Roger fixed it and he would sit and play while we ate meals.  Why don't they make them like this anymore?!

After dinner, Coop and Grandpa wanted to work off their food.  They hopped on the stationary bike and Cooper demanded Grandpa to go faster.  It was so cute to watch, Coop loved it. :)
Coop & Aunt of my favorite pictures! 
Cooper found the Organ.  The only way we could get him of this thing was to tell him that it went to bed and was asleep.  He loooooooovved it!  
On the drive home.  Cooper and Grandpa checking out the giant ice cream cone.
We stopped here for lunch on the way back.  Clint and his family used to always stop here on their trips up to Colorado.  It was awesome! :) 
Coop sitting in the big chair in the restaurant. 
Nash in his cowboy hat. :) 

We had such a great time!  We celebrated our 4th Anniversary while we were there and went to dinner and the casino (which I'm not allowed back at...I lost $40 within 5 minutes of being there).  We went to church, hung out with family, ate GG's awesome meals, and just relaxed.  It was nice to slow down for a little bit.  

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