Saturday, January 17, 2009

Naps are over rated.

We are going on day 5 of no naps.  I'm pretty close to clawing my eyes out...or banging my head against the desk.  Thankfully Nash has slept through it, only waking once to cry for a little bit and then fall back asleep.  Did I mention he slept 10, yes TEN, hours last night!  I hope it wasn't a fluke cause I could get used to this.  Anyways, back to the no nap thing....

You know, I wouldn't mind it as much if at 6pm Cooper didn't turn into a 'Wow, Wow, Wubzy' demanding, little brother eating, Prince killing machine.  Its getting bad.  

and yes, it was cute the first hour when I heard him singing, but now he is kicking the wall and throwing his clothes out of the closet and onto his floor.  Screaming with excitement "oh, look Momma! My Broncos shirt!" or "Wow, helicopter jammies!" 

At least I got him in the bath tub last night.  But wait, it wasn't that easy.  It only took bath crayons, Crayola bath colors, a Lightening McQueen bath toy that you cannot see, 10 minutes of screaming and crying before he peed in the water and THEN decided he wanted to play in the tub and get clean.  I have no shame and I am admitting that I let him play in his pee.  I mean, it had been 3 WEEKS of no bath.  This child SMELLED of old ketchup, dirt, and moldy socks.  I'm sure the Johnson's Vanilla & Oatmeal baby wash canceled it out, right? 

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Tiffany Winters said...

Oh man. I remember what it was like when Bailey stopped taking naps. It was horrible. glad Coop got a bath. Sounds like such a fun bath too. My kids don't get any of that kind of stuff.