Sunday, December 21, 2008

sick boys & playdoh

It's been a snot-fest in the Swinson household these last 2 days.  Both boys are sick and miserable and want Mommy's attention all for themselves.  It has made for a very interesting and rough 2 days.  To take Cooper's mind off of it I pulled out the playdoh for him to play with for the first time.  I soon became the playdoh slave, making every shape he asked for.  He didn't even want to touch it.  He just demanded (okay, not demanded, his voice is too sweet for that) an airplane, helicopter, star, dog, snowman, etc. and when Nash started to fuss cause he was tired of sitting and watching when he could be eating the stuff, Cooper got even more demanding.  I bribed him to give up the playdoh in trade for watching Cars.  It took a few times but worked.  I win the Mother of The Year award!

I thought he would be more excited to play with it...I was wrong. 


Armless snowman 

Nash.  Don't confuse this with cuteness, he was a miserable little monster the whole time.

Mommy's artwork.


Jenn said...

First off, sorry that the boys were sick, that sucks! And secondly, NICE playdoh skills, I am impressed :) Finally thanks for the lady bussiness advice, I am going to give it a try! :)

mumof2boys said...

You should be proud. Two sick boys is hard work. Great job with the playdough.