Saturday, December 27, 2008


We has a small 4 foot tree that we had been using until next year when we figured we would buy a bigger tree.  Clint called 2 days before Christmas and had bought one of the display trees at work for 75% off!  We had to get it and decided that we would set it up on Christmas Eve so that Cooper could come down and see a huge tree as part of Christmas.  He loved our little one and made sure it was turned on every morning when he woke up.   We made sure to video his was sooooo cute.  You have to have sound cause he just keeps saying "wow!"  Its too cute.  

Sorry the video is sideways, I can't get it to upload the right way. 

While I waited for Cooper to wake up, Nash flashed me some cute grins in his outfit from GG.  Look at those ears! haha...he looks like a little elf. 

Cooper opening gifts.

Nasher reading the book he received from Aunt Kim.

Hanging out at Nana's and Papa's while the cousins opened gifts.  He did pretty well opening his own, almost better than Coop. :)

Cooper opening gifts from Nana, Papa, and his Aunts and Uncles. 

We had such a great Christmas and feel so blessed to have our families.  

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Derek said...

Ahhh!! I remember my first fire truck! Haha, good times, good times! :D