Sunday, November 30, 2008

The First Snow.

We had our first 'real' snow yesterday.  Not just the flurries that melt when they hit the ground but the large flakes that stick and make it feel like Christmas.  Clint's parents came into town as well and we were eating dinner when it started to fall.  100% of Cooper's attention was directed at the snow and I'm pretty sure he watched it for the remainder of the meal.  He wanted to go out and see it so bad and once we got outside and it started falling on his face he kept yelling "Gross! Gross!" until we got into the car.  What a let down! I'm sure he thought that it was going to be soft and feel like pillows as he played in it.  Poor kid :).  Clint and I can't wait to get him out in it to build a snow man.  I can't believe its already WINTER!  I'm excited for Christmas, just not the cold. 

Here's Cooper in all his misery while getting bundled up to head over to Nana's & Papa's house today. 

...and Tank, I mean Nash, in the booster seat.  We tried giving him rice cereal to help him sleep better (by the way, his good sleeping habits have flown out the window).  It only upset his stomach and gave him horrible smelling gas.  

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