Sunday, October 19, 2008

Cooper turns 2!

I can't believe that our little guy has gone from this... this!  These last 2 years have flown bye and its sorta making me crazy.  

We had Cooper's birthday party yesterday at my parent's house.  Clint's parents came up on Friday from New Mexico.  All of Coop's cousins came and friends from Colorado Springs drove up for it.  Clint BBQ'd for everyone.  We couldn't have asked for a better day.   It was 80 degrees, no wind, and the fall colors were gorgeous.  Last year we had to deal with snow and everyone driving down to The Springs for it.  All the kids played in the backyard, ate junk food, and chased each other around.  Cooper had so much fun and got tons of awesome gifts from everyone.  It is a pretty evident sign your a parent when a child's birthday party is more exciting than your own.  :)  Thank you everyone for the great gifts and for coming!  I am going to go overload with pictures, so enjoy! :) 

Cooper & Lily on the plane.

Dave, Nana, Papa, Clint, and Jacob eating.

cake...yum! Cooper has an obsession with airplanes so he loved the cake.

Curt & Kari

Nash and Grandma


Miss Haley

Cooper sneaking soda. 

Mr. Nash



LaRain & Zachary

Cake time!

Coop in the hat Lacey got him, does it get any cuter?

Nash hung out w/ Grandma most the day. 

Opening gifts.  This is the rocket he got from Nana & Papa.  He LOVES it.


..and just to give you and idea of the beautiful fall colors.  This is in the backyard.  It was gorgeous out.
Happy Birthday Cooper!  We love you!

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