Tuesday, October 7, 2008

2 Months old!

Nash turned 2 months yesterday!  I hate to say this, but it has felt like SO much longer. With Cooper it seemed to fly bye haha. 90% of the time Nash is the happiest little baby.  He loves his big brother so much and Cooper loves him right back.  He is starting to 'talk' a lot more and smiles all the time.  His eyes are still blue and we're pretty sure they're gonna stay this way.  They're so pretty! He is quite the chunk as well (as you can tell from the pictures). We go for his 2 month check up next week so I'll post his height and weight then.  I'm sure he is AT LEAST 12.5lbs if not more.  He is a much better sleeper than Cooper was at this age.  He sleeps anywhere from 4-6 hour chunks at night (most nights its closer to 6).  We LOVE it.  Most of you know the sleep problems we had with Cooper, so this is a HUGE relief.  Who knows, if he keeps this up we may have a 3rd.  :) KIDDING! We're pretty content with our two boys.  

something I thought I would never see...he actually fell asleep without having to be walked around for 45 minutes! haha.  he was sitting on my lap and I looked down and he was OUT!

...and a little comparison for ya

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Jill Rogers said...

Thought you might be interested in seeing what your old house is like now. Apparently it's for sale. My cousins used to live there, had triplets. Don't know what their plan is now...