Saturday, September 6, 2008

Saturday's Pictures

There were so many options, Cooper couldn't decide what to do first...

He spent the day hanging out w/ Anna & Charlotte

..playing in the sand box

and pointing out every airplane he heard.
Both Cooper and Charlotte watched w/ excitment as Anna mowed the lawn.

Nash spent most of his 1 month birthday being pampered by his Aunts...
and making funny faces.
It was a lot to take in so he crashed for the rest of the afternoon.


Tay & Ty Kerby said...

They are so precious!! How is life now that you are the mom of 2 cuties???

Derek said...

Absolutely loving the photos!!! Love the one with "What to do, what to do" caption, the one with Charlotte (I think her name was) and Cooper in the shade of the trees, and of Charlotte by herself with the text! Great job! Grand travail!! :D