Tuesday, August 5, 2008

That time again...

Cooper was in need of another haircut.  We really wanted to try and grow it out a little and see if it would curl up and be shaggy but most days he just looked crazy.  haha!  His hair would just stick straight out everywhere.  So when I got him up from his nap this afternoon, his hair was horrid.  It was matted in the back and sticking straight out to the sides.  So my sister and I headed to the barber shop. 

Not too sure about it, he looks so distraught here.  He actually did MUCH better than the first time and only cried when she sprayed his head and then attempted to use the clippers on him.  He was NOT liking that.  Its a little short, but his hair grows sooooo fast.  It'll be back in no time. 

Feeling a little more comfortable, and enjoying his sucker. 

Here he is playing outside in the puddles afterwards.  We've been going on 20+ days on 90+ weather that has been KILLER (shhh all you AZ people).  Being pregnant, it feels like 300 degrees.  I mean, even Cooper didn't want to go outside.  Today it got down to 68 degrees with the rain and was AMAZING!!!!

Look at that cute little boy!  His haircut makes him look so much older. 

Jumping in puddles. 

I have my 38 week appointment tomorrow and I'm a little bit nervous.  When we went for my 38 appointment while pregnant with Cooper we were told we were having a baby that day due to my pre-eclampsia.  Hopefully they'll just check me and I'll amazingly be 6cm and they will send me over to Labor and Delivery. :) THAT would be awesome. 

Oh, I also wanted to mention that Cooper has now started to say his name.  Only it comes out as "Pooper" haha!  Clint and I were worried he'd get teased when he was in school, but he is calling himself that!  I'm going to try and get it on video, its too funny.  He is talking so much these days.  He makes 3-4 word sentences, knows everyones names, says 'hi' to every person he sees in the grocery store and manages to talk to himself for AT LEAST 20 minutes in his crib before nap time and bed time.  Its so crazy how much he is growing. 


Winters Family said...

He totally looks like a toddler now. Cute haircut though. Wouldn't hair get on the sucker? Good luck at your appointment. Let us know how it goes. We have been having bad weather too, but at least you have dry heat. The humidity here is killer.

Winters Family said...

Oh, and Red is a good color for him.