Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Baseball with Daddy

Yes, I know I edited the crap out of these pictures, but I like them! :) Clint and Cooper played baseball tonight, so I busted out the camera.

Also, I'm full term!!! (37 weeks). I can't even begin to explain how much that calms my fears. He can come whenever he wants. haha. We have an appointment tomorrow with an ultrasound so we'll update when we get back.


Jill Rogers said...

I absolutely ADORE the black and white- SO CUTE! Totally a "money maker" pic or something to print and frame.

Winters Family said...

I agree... the black and white one is my favorite. I love that you take so many pictures. I really need to be better. When you start having lots of contractions, post, so then people like me here in Kansas know. lol. I am so happy you have boys... makes for great pictures with dad.