Wednesday, July 16, 2008

35 Week Appointment

We had our 35 week appointment today and the doctor took me off the Procardia.  It does make us a little nervous, but I think everything is going to be fine.  I definitely won't miss the headaches, dizziness, and insomnia from it. The baby sounded perfect on the monitor and was kicking the doctor while she measured me.  I'm close to 2cm dilated and still around 20% effaced, so thats a good sign that he will bake a little bit longer. Hopefully I can just get some sleep! 

Also, I took down the name poll thing cause we've decided on a name....and it is none of the ones we listed. haha.  We're going to keep it to ourselves for now cause we both love it and don't want other's opinions to sway our minds.  It took us so long to even agree on a name! lol.  I'm sure you other Moms can understand.  We'll probably just tell family, and then thats it.  

Please, just keep us in your thoughts that this little guy will come when he's good and ready, and HEALTHY!  We want to be able to take him home with us when we leave. :)


Jenn said...

glad to hear that everything looks good! hopefully he will bake in there a little longer! yeah, i don't think that matt and i will ever ask for opinions on baby names again...too many people give you their point of view whether or not you ask! i say if there is something you like, other people will always like it and some will hate it (and let you know!), so you just have to feel good about it and become deaf to everyone else's comments! :)

Tay & Ty Kerby said...

Oh man I REALLY want to know the name now that you won't tell us!!! Grrr! Oh well I guess I'll wait patiently like the rest of the world!! Hope everything goes good we'll keep you in our prayers!!!!

Winters Family said...

Glad everything is well with the little guy... but you saying you aren't going to tell anyone is kind of making me curious. Maybe you could tell us anyway. :) Or just me. That would be fine too. Miss you. Get some sleep.