Thursday, June 12, 2008

Bath Time!

We had another dentist appointment today and Cooper's teeth are loose.  We're starting antibiotics to help the gums and will hopefully cause some of the swelling to go down.  She also thinks that the socket for his teeth are either cracked or shattered.  She said that more than likely, his teeth are going to have to be pulled. :(  After this week of antibiotics we are going back to have more XRays taken and see exactly what needs to be down.  I hope hope hope that they don't need to be pulled, but who knows.  It has definitely been a VERY stressful week. 

Anyways, enough sad are some pictures!!! :)

Cooper's favorite part of the day is bath time.  Whenever he hears the tub filling up he runs over to it and yells "bash!" Its pretty dang cute.
Pouring the water all over himself.

Cuddling with Daddy after his bath.  He does this EVERY TIME.  Its my favorite part of the day, after his bath, when he just wants to snuggle. :) 

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Tay & Ty Kerby said...

That is so precious! I can't wait to have this baby! How are you holding up in these summer days? Hope all is well!