Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

We had such a great Mother's Day!  I got to sleep in til 9am, wake up to Cooper in a good mood, and Clint even did the dishes.  I'm so lucky to have two amazing men in my life (soon to be 3!).  We spent the morning together and after Clint headed to work I spent the day with my family.  The weather was in the 70's so we hung outside all day and let the kids run around.  

Cooper and his cute self.   He was dancing around the backyard and I got a few action shots. 

PS.  We LOVE this outfit from Grandma and Grandpa.  He got a lot of compliments all day. :)
Checking out baby Haley.  He was a little more interested in how her car seat worked, but I can already  tell he is going to be such a great older brother. 
Swinging in the new toddler swing my parents got for the play set.
Trying to be one of the big kids and climb up the ladder.  He didn't get any higher than this step, but he was pretty proud of himself.
Hanging with Nana on the swing.
Letting him air dry outside was a bad idea.  He ran from me for awhile.
Another dancing shot. :) 

I really love being a Mom and can't believe I am going to have another little guy around.  For someone who never wanted kids, this is the BEST (and I mean BEST) job in the world. 

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Jill Rogers said...

THANKS! Looks like you had a fun one too! It was cool to see your mom. I still have very vivid memories of how sweet she was growing up and how much patience she always seemed to have. Happy Mothers day to you too!