Sunday, April 6, 2008

In just the last week....

Cooper has started talking so much more!

He now says:
Night Night
I love you
Bye Daddy
Hi Mommy
No Prince!
All Done

and he pretends to sleep/snore when we say night night. He is so fun to be around and is talking so much. It is really hitting us that he is turning into a little boy. We went to the pool the other day and he LOVED it! He loves his baths so I knew he wouldn't need any warming up to the idea of going in a pool. I can't wait til summer and we can take him to the outdoor pool we have in the neighborhood.

Here is a video of his favorite thing to do in the tub.

The pregnancy is going really well. Its been so different than the pregnancy with Cooper, so it's been interesting. I crave EVERYTHING, and my emotions are a little out of whack (at least I can admit it, right?) Poor Clint. :) The baby has been moving sooooo much and you can actually see my stomach move he is so active. I love the idea of having two boys and I've done a 180 from the ultrasound. I can't wait to have two little men running around acting crazy. Clint feels the same...we already have all our ideas ready for their room when they get a little older (and we get out of this apartment). Anyways, life is good.

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