Monday, December 3, 2007

My little brother used to do this around a year old, everytime we would say "Sport!" he would get into this position! We like to think he is practicing for football!

Cooper in the tub. I happen to think this is one of the best pictures of Cooper. He looks like such a little boy and has such a great combination of Clint and I. He definitely has Clint's eyes. And boy does he LOVE bathtime!

Hahahaha! Cooper gets Clint cracking up everytime he does this. He going into the office and shuts the doors, knowing that we are watching his every move and then starts with is sooo hilarious and NEVER gets old.

We got a size 3 (way too small) disposable diaper in the mail, so we stuck it on his head. He thought is was so funny, he pulled this one off and went and grabbed a cloth diaper that was on the floor and stuck that on his head!

Doing exactly what he is not supposed to be doing! He climbs ontop of this all the time and falls off quite a bit too!

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