Thursday, November 29, 2007


Cooper is really coming into his personality. For example, today after Clint got home he walked around with his hand on his hip like he was the boss. He would steal tater tots from Clint's plate and sneak them over to Prince. After accomplishing his goal he would laugh/scream in excitement. He was so proud! Earlier in the day we had Lily (who was born two hours before Cooper) come over and normally he is all over me and I can't get anything done, but while she was here he showed off all his toys and played so well with her! I got some good adult conversation too! We really had a great day today! :)

Here he is sitting on the couch, he can actually climb off of it now instead of tumbling face first onto the floor. He is much happier now!

Running around with his cool new shoes on (the only ones he won't tear off his feet). Look at those thighs!!!

After one of his fits, he was fine in the end, see how happy and cute he looks!

Tonight, cheesing it up for Daddy! You should have seen Clint, he could barely stay on the couch he was laughing so hard. Cooper was smashing his face against the door and screaming in excitement.

The hand on the hip!!! Excuse the mouth full of food. He walked around like this (when he wasn't trying to feed Prince) for a good 45 minutes.

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