Monday, May 7, 2007

Our Trip to Florida!

Get ready for LOTS of pictures!

We had such a great time in Florida! Cooper did really well on the plane rides and actually slept the entire time on the way back. We ended up sitting on the runway for an hour and a half after we landed, so thats when he screamed. :) Cooper's top 4 teeth all cut within the last 3 days...this kid is going to have 6 teeth by the time he is 7 months!!! Thankfully he is feeling much, much better. It was so fun to see Kim and Humberto at Busch Gardens and we wish we could have spent more time with them. We have to make the next visit soon! The last day we went out Jet Skiing and had two dolphins come up to our jet skis! It was so amazing and made the trip that much better.Enjoy the pics!!!

Cooper and Charlotte at the aiport!

Naked!!! Look at that face!

Our view from the deck

Lacey and Charlotte at the beach

The Sunset

Capel girls at the Wedding! (Leanna, Lora, Cosette, Lacey, Nat, and Lissy)

Natalie and Cooper out on the deck

At the Wedding, Kari's parents, Kari, Curt, and Mom and Dad!

On the way to Busch Gardens

cruisin in the stroller

It was HOT!


Cosette and Cooper checking out the fish
I love the fishies!!!

The Hippos were awesome!

snoozin with Aunt Kim

Charlotte being cute!

Natalie, Cosette, and Lacey

Jacob and Cooper (he spit up all over his outfit, so we changed him into and outfit Kim bought him!)

...soooooo tired!


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