Saturday, April 21, 2007

We've kept a child alive for 6 months...

I can't believe it. :)

We had his appointment today and he is doing great, except for a couple bumps. He weighs 18lbs 5oz (55%), he is 28inches (90%) and in in the 90% for head circumference too. He is going to be tall and skinny! He has had some reflux issues and if he doesnt outgrow it in 2 months we are going to see a specialist. He was off the Prevacid for only a couple days and was projectile vomiting and refusing to eat (it wasnt even that bad before we started the meds). He has been back on for 2 days and he seems to be doing better. He also has his 2 bottom teeth! They are so cute, but man can he bite! Oh, and he is getting so good at sitting by himself...he still needs a little practice, but soon!

We have started cloth diapering and so far I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. They are so easy, and alot like disposables, you just wash them. Plus, he looks so stinking cute in them!

Anyways, hopefully Coop's issues will correct themselves and he will keep growing like a weed. He is so much fun to be around and he smiles all the time. We are still having some sleep issues (he has only slept for 6-7 hours twice, other than that its 3-4...5 if I was nice to him that day :) Everything here is good, if you don't count me trying to hook up the 'mini-shower' to the toilet and causing a flood that leaked down to the basement.

Pics of him sitting, and the new diapers...

If you look close enough, you can see his bottom teeth!

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