Saturday, December 2, 2006

Tummy Time!?!?

I hate it!!!

Mommy rescueing me

Now thats better!!!!

I do like my carseat though!

Oh wait, no I dont!


kim said...

My little nephew is growing to fast.
I miss you guys so much.I wish I was closer to hold the cutest little boy in the world!!!!
Love, Auntie Kim

Marsha said...

Cute cute cute!!! I think he is a good mix of the both of you. You're a good mommy and daddy. Keep up the good work. Just a few more months and you'll be able to sleep through the night again and it will all seem like a dream. You'll turn around and BAM he's a year old. I'm glad you're keeping his little history updated.

Lacey and Charley said...

He's getting so big! I love this blogspot deal... since I can't see you every day, or even every week, it's so nice to be able to check in and see how big Cooper is getting! I love you guys!