Wednesday, December 20, 2006

2 Month Check Up & More

I have found my hands! This is me, today, concentrating hard on my hands! They fit perfectly into my mouth :)

Cooper had his 2 month checkup and shots on the 18th. He did so well during the shots and only cried for a few seconds on the last one. He is a trooper. He ended up sleeping all day and was fussy when he was awake. He is back to his old self now and smiling non-stop! He is in the 70th % for his weight (12lbs 15oz), 75th % for his height (23 1/2in) and 40th% for his head circumfrance. We can't believe how big he is getting. He loves to be changed and I think he would prefer to be naked all the time if he could. His colic is slowly getting better and cutting all dairy out of my diet has helped tremendously. He still isn't sleeping any longer 3 hours at night (thats if I am lucky) but he is finally sleeping in his bassinet instead of in bed with us. This is going to be Coopers first Christmas so we are going to take loads of pictures (if our camera will last for us) and put them on the site. Here are some more pics for you!

Auntie Kim bought me this shirt and I fit into it even though its 3mo!

Milo caught in the act!

All bundled up for the cold! Even though Mom was too paranoid to take me out. :)

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